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Weightmans move to DNA

With the LexisNexis Enterprise User Conference kicking off in the Midlands tomorrow, LexisNexis UK has just announced that Weightmans LLP has piloted and is preparing the firm-wide roll out of LexisNexis dna following the success of an initial evaluation. When the firm-wide implementation has been completed, dna will be available to more than 900 users across the firm’s offices in Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

“This solution will be the lifeblood of our business and serve as the platform for future growth. It will give us sophisticated capabilities encompassing every aspect of our legal practice including time recording, accounts and reporting, and contact details management, in a single system,” says Weightmans managing partner Patrick Gual. “We deliberated long and hard before adopting dna. It crucially offers us the flexibility to evolve our business offering in response to changing market demands, including best practice and compliance.

LexisNexis say the unique case conversion functionality within dna enables Weightmans to easily transition from LexisNexis Fee Earner Desktop (FED), its previous case management system, to the new platform. All case workflows can be migrated from FED to dna without the need to rewrite them. The bulk of Weightmans’ work is defendant insurance litigation and the underpinning workflows that handle it are outlined in a document comprising over 230 pages of process diagrams. Typically, to migrate to another case management system, Weightmans would have had to rewrite every single workflow into the new system before it became operational as the firm’s key platform. In addition, the firm would have needed to maintain two solutions until all the old matters had been closed on the incumbent system.

With dna, the firm has been able to transfer all the case workflows and case handlers’ documents pertaining to a specific team overnight. Crucially, it has allowed users to resume the workflows in dna exactly where they left off in LexisNexis FED. When the roll out of dna is complete firm-wide, Weightmans will be able to immediately retire the use of the previous system.

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Anyone else notice that the Axxia brand has been quietly dropped from the LexisNexis lexicon?

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