Last week (15 October) at the Tikit Word Excellence Day event in London, there was a vendor shoot-out between four suppliers of metadata cleaning products – Litéra, Microsystems, Payne Group and Workshare – but what happened? Our spies were there and sent us in this report…

There were two parts to the shoot-out. The first was an objective test (set by event chair Kim Walton, from Dentons and representing UKDEG) in which all four companys had to strip out the “bad” text (this included bad metadata and bad hidden text, such as white text on a white background. On this test, Payne came in first, followed by Litéra, then Workshare and Microsystems.

This section also threw up some interesting statistics, including the fact that in some firms 60% + of lawyers still press ‘PASS’ to save time and avoid using the metadata filter. (Tut, tut, Casey Flaherty of Kia will be coming after you.).

The second part of the presentation involved the vendors making an elevator pitch about their current product and where it was heading in the future. This was a subjective test in which the audience could vote for their favourites. This proved to be a game of two halves with Ms Toby Adamson of Microsystems and Barrie Hadfield of Workshare giving presentations that were both professional and entertaining – “brilliant” was one of the descriptions, while the other two were (in the words of our spy) “not in the same league” – although to be fair Litéra also hit some technical issues in their presentation and it would have probably been different if Donna Payne had given the presentation for her company.

The audience voted and the results were (1) Microsystems, followed closely at (2) Workshare, then (3) Payne Group and finally (a long way behind) (4) Litéra.