Onna is a data integration platform that enables companies to integrate and centralise applications, and conduct real-time discovery.

On 17 June it announced that it has raised $27m in venture funding from venture capital firm Atomico and – take note – past investors such as Slack Technologies.

Here are its vital statistics.

What does Onna do?

Onna integrates workplace knowledge platforms, whether that be 20 or 200.

It helps companies to find information buried in emails and other repositories. It charges a monthly fee and can search across Slack, Google Drive and Dropbox which, guess what, is an investor too.

How much has Onna raised to date?

$43m. Its venture round was 23 January 2018. It’s series A was 3 June 2019. And on 17 June was the $27m series B.

Who are the key players?

Onna was founded by Salim Elkhou (pictured above), who previously founded eStet, which was acquired by EY in 2017. You can find out more about eStet here: https://forimmediaterelease.net/ey-bolsters-its-fraud-investigation-dispute-services-practice-through-e-stet-acquisition-37508/

Vice president of revenue is Russ Grant and CFO is Jordi Pedrol.

Why do I care?

Onna is already establishing multiple use cases within eDiscovery, allowing users to conduct an initial assessment of your case by understanding the contents of your unstructured data. Onna provides pre-trained categories to immediately identify document types, like contracts, from all files found across your applications. It can process and OCR your data, and provide an integral collaboration and sharing platform – with open APIs. You can export data from Onna to review platforms like Relativity, Logikcull and Everlaw.

Here is a video on how to navigate eDiscovery for Slack. https://onna.com/blog/video-webinar-how-to-navigate-ediscovery-for-slack/

Who are its existing clients?

According to a press release last year and its own website, Onna’s customers include Google, AWS, Salesforce, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, Electronic Arts, Dropbox, and Fitbit, which use the platform for legal discovery, compliance, knowledge management and enterprise search.