We have just published the latest iteration of the UK version of the Insider Top 200 Chart, showing the key systems currently being used by the country’s largest law firms in 2014. You can access an Excel version of the chart free of charge here (as well as our archive going back to 2003) at legaltechnology.com/top-200/

It’s an unusual chart this year, with several mergers looming, a record number of new entries and all the signs of further consolidation taking place over the next few months. We’ve also taken the controversial step of including two ABS legal services providers – Slater & Gordon and Co-op Legal – in the chart. Not to do so would amount to ignoring two very large elephants in the room.

Finally, for analysis purposes, we are looking at the results both overall and with a split between Large Law and Mid-Tier firms. This reflects the fact smaller firms tend to have substantially smaller inhouse IT resources and buy from a different group of vendors. Our cut off point for Large Law is firms with a turnover of £80 million or more, which goes all the way to RPC at number #45 in the chart and includes all the Magic Circle, Silver Circle and major national firms.

We currently have 15 product categories in the chart however we will focus on just five: Accounts/PMSDMSCase Management/BPM/WorkflowVoice/DictationCRM/Marketing

• Accounts/PMS
Of the firms we have data on, 43% are using (1) Thomson Reuters Elite (*see footnote) products (Enterprise, 3E or Envision), 14% are using (2) Aderant, 12.5% on (3) Lexis Axxia, then (=4) Eclipse, SOS and Tikit (Firmware or P4W) level pegging with 5.75% each. The remaining 13.25% of the market is shared between a total 10 further vendors. However, when we compare Large Law with Mid-Tier, we see the following breakdown

Large Law: Elite – 60% / Aderant – 31% / Others – 9%
Mid-Tier: Elite – 38% (mainly Envision) / Lexis Axxia – 16% / Others – 46% (including Aderant – 9%)

• Document Management
DMS always used to be a straight fight between HP Autonomy iManage and Open Text however this year iManage has a 68% share, while OpenText can now muster just 8.5% of the market. Of the remainder, other DMS offerings (including Sharepoint) have a 10.75% share but PMS and case management applications with a DMS function, trump this with a 12.75% slice.

Large Law:  iManage – 78% / OpenText – 13% / Others – 9%
Mid-Tier: iManage – 62% / OpenText – 6% / Others – 32%

• Case & Workflow/BPM Management
This has always been a catchall category with niche products, such as Isokon for probate and Linetime for debt recovery work, as well as many firms opting for multiple, departmental solutions. A total of 154 firms are running one or more of 38 different systems. The market leader remains (1) Lexis on 28.5% (with its Axxia, Solcase and Visualfiles products), following by (2) Thomson Reuters (with its Elite and Flosuite products) on 26.5%. Next comes (3) Eclipse Proclaim with 15.5%, then (4) OpenText BPS (the old Metastorm system) on 11.75%, followed by (5) Linetime of 10.5%, (6) Isokon on 9% and (7) Advanced Legal with 5.5%.

When it comes to the Large Law v Mid-Tier split the key distinction is that among large firms, while 64% are running what might be termed traditional volume case management systems, a massive 54% are also using BPM (business process management and workflow) products. This is in marked contrast to mid-tier firms where 97% are running traditional case management but a mere 12% are also running BPM software.

• Voice & Digital Dictation
What can we say, it is a BigHand world. A total of 180 firms in the chart have this technology and 147 of them (or 81.7%) have selected BigHand. The runner up is Winscribe (either directly or via channel partners) on 13.9%. Four other suppliers taking up the rest of the market although only of them – Crescendo – has more than one site.

Large Law: BigHand – 84% / Winscribe – 12% / Others – 4%
Mid-Tier: BigHand – 81% / Winscribe – 15% / Others – 4%

• Marketing & CRM
Not that too long ago it was a choice of Lexis InterAction or nothing but has anything changed? Of the 118 firms currently putting their hands up to owning CRM systems, 55% are running (1) InterAction, followed by 16% with (2) Elite Contact Manager. Next come the (3) Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based systems with an 8% share, including four Aderant sites. Then we have (=4) Metis and Elite Envision, each with 7%, and finally five other vendors with a total of 9 sites (8%) between them including Tikit with 4 sites.

Large Law: InterAction – 78% / Elite Contact Manager – 22%
Mid-Tier: InterAction – 43% / Elite Contact Manager – 13% / Others – 44% (including Dynamics CRM applications – 12%)

* Weightmans LLP (who make it into the Large Law section of our chart) is the latest firm to go with Elite 3E plus Elite Mattersphere for case and matter management. The firm is swapping out Lexis Axxia.