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Why legal IT vendors are revolting

In the wake of some lacklustre legal IT exhibitions and conferences earlier this year, a group of UK legal technology vendors (the people who sponsor and/or pay for stands at these events) are getting together to discuss tactics and possibly agree on which events to support in future and which to drop. We understand that 18 vendors have already expressed an interest and Thursday 5th July has been set as the date for the meeting at The Master Gunner in London. For more details email Stewart Hadley at nQueue Billback on

COMMENT: As long time devisers of both event formats and programmes, we’re clearly conflicted out of suggesting which events vendors should support. However we would say one thing: all events have a sell-by date that eventually expires. Remember the old SOLEX show at the Barbican that, once upon a time, no vendor dared miss? It had nearly 15 good years before going from hero to zero in its final two years. Most legal IT vendors have limited marketing budgets and they need to spend it wisely. Continuing to support events that are past their prime and not delivering audiences will seldom yield a return on investment.

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