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Wiggin report: we’re surfing while we’re watching TV

The media law firm Wiggin LLP has just published its latest Digital Entertainment Survey – it is an 8.6Mb file & you can download it free of charge from the firm’s website here A lot of the content covers topics outside the scope of this blog but we were intrigued by two developments…

• The first is the tremendous growth of ebooks as a media channel (and the corresponding decline in the popularity of television)

• And the other is the rise of ‘multi-tasking’ – for example 40% of TV viewers say that when ‘watching’ TV, they also have a laptop, tablet or smartphone open and are simultaneously surfing the internet, looking at websites, checking emails etc. And, 29% are using social media – Facebook, Twitter etc

The lesson for law firms – and IT vendors – is you need to embrace social media.