Over the last couple of years, there has been a growing awareness that the Big Issue with cloud computing and outsourcing is not the technology but the viability of the service providers – in otherwords the key is not IT but due dilligence. Unfortunately the latest developments in the ongoing collapse of the 2e2 business in the UK has just served to underline the risks associated with outsourcing, the importance of due dilligence – and ensuring the contractual small-print is fully understood.

But back to 2e2… the latest development came earlier this week when the administrators wrote to all 2e2’s customers, warning them that unless they committed to paying out £4000 by 5pm tonight (Friday 8th February) they would be unable to keep the data centres running and the customers might lose their data. Basically 2e2 has run out of money to keep the data centres functioning, and added complication being that the kit in the 2e2 data centres is apparently leased from HP. You can read the administrator’s letter HERE.

However, what about the longer term impact of the 2e2 failure? Will it frighten off other organisations from outsourcing and cloud-type deployments? Already IT industry discussion forums are starting fill up with comments along the lines of companies that outsource such operations will have to think hard about where the data is and how to get it back in the future and relying on The Cloud is a really, really bad idea. And the sooner everyone realises this and decides to keep their own files on their own servers the better … you give control of your data to other companies only at your peril.