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Win a Workshare scholarship to ILTA

Workshare is offering five scholarships to ILTA next month in Las Vegas including free hotel, entrance and up to $1500 towards the flights. The winner will be selected randomly and open to anyone in legal IT. Email your contact details to – the draw is on 27th July. Janet Day, ILTA European Regional VP said “This is a truly extraordinary event – to network, learn and meet with a wide range of your peers. This is just the best conference of this type you could imagine. Workshare has always been a loyal member of ILTA and given these tough times this gesture is very much appreciated.”

3 replies on “Win a Workshare scholarship to ILTA”

Good on 'em.
Makes a change from the usual vendor marketing guff.

They probably will draw the line at anyone in legal IT's latest squeeze – altho apparently some firms permit that if the destination is Dubai

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