Winscribe this morning announced the arrival of Winscribe Digital Dictation for Android, the newest member to its suite of digital dictation mobility applications. Winscribe for Android delivers innovative features such as barcode recognition, geo-location and the ability to attach pictures to dictations, along with a specialized ergonomic user interface design that makes Winscribe for Android the most user friendly mobile dictation application to date.

As a new addition to Winscribe’s Dictation Mobility Suite which also includes dictation applications for BlackBerry and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Winscribe for AndroidT offers a sleek dictation application for Android touchscreen devices. It streamlines and simplifies the dictation process and speeds up work turnaround with full recording capabilities, secure voice and data transmission, speech recognition integration and online/offline functionality. Winscribe Dictation for Android provides innovative barcode scanning functionality to accelerate workflow automation. Combined with Winscribe’s optional speech recognition technology, users can automatically complete document templates based on information collected from the scanned barcode.

Greg Allen, CTO of Winscribe, explains potential applications for barcode technology are far reaching: “What we care about most here at Winscribe is usability and efficiency. If we imagine a large legal firm may have upwards of three hundred mobile authors, it’s easy to see how setting up all these devices using Android’s soft keyboard would be a frustrating and time consuming exercise. Unlike other vendors, Winscribe for Android allows you to simply scan a QR code (a type of barcode) to set up server addresses and complete other fields in the application, which saves our clients a significant amount of time, cost and frustration. It’s our philosophy: we want to improve the process. And that is what sets us apart from our competition”

Ease of use and efficiency are not the only attributes of the new application. As with all other members of Winscribe’s Mobility Suite, state of the art security features including secure transmission of files via HTTPS connection means users can be assured their sensitive information is safeguarded. Developed based on feedback from Winscribe’s mobility users, Winscribe’s new Android application features one of the most intuitive user interfaces in the industry; allowing for true single-handed operation in the most challenging of circumstances. As a mobile application, Winscribe for Android is naturally suited for use in the field, and innovative features such as geo-location and the ability to take and attach photos to voice recordings make it a versatile tool for lawyers, insurance investigators, mobile emergency doctors, police and many other professions.

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