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Wolferstans stay with Axxia and upgrade to DNA

Wolferstans, in the South West has announced that it has selected Axxia DNA from LexisNexis Axxia as its new web-based platform for practice and business management. With the contract concluded just four days after LexisNexis’s acquisition of the PMS supplier, it is understood that the Wolfertsans deal is the first for the new business entity. Axxia DNA will be rolled out to 130 staff with immediate deployment of core functions including accounts, time recording, case management, billing, workflow, KPIs, reporting and contact management.

The major IT project forms part of a wider strategic review headed up by legal business development consultancy, Inpractice. Allan Carton, the Inpractice consultant leading that project explains the rationale for the modernisation:
“Wolferstans decided that their future strategy for growing their business would see them focus on managing client and customer relationships more effectively. To put this into practice they are developing a highly collaborative working environment amongst their people, to streamline the way they work and to be more innovative in how they interact with clients and introducers. Axxia DNA is their chosen solution as it is the most cost-effective way for them of producing the results they want. It provides a range of integrated tools and technologies to enable them to build their whole business around one single database at the core, linked into all the key applications they need; not just to handle the legal work, but to help them run the business better.  

“Business process tools and document management will enable them to develop workflows to manage all aspects of the business from case management to critical HR functions associated with people development. Alongside sophisticated management reporting, these tools will also enable Wolferstans to be proactive in managing internal performance and how they interact and develop their relationships with clients. The new web-based interface is more intuitive and engaging for users to develop and use and the overall solution should prove to be cost-effective to maintain, with potential to continue development, scale up and support this business in the long-term.”

Encouraged by LexisNexis’s takeover of Axxia, the Wolferstans partners moved quickly to conclude the deal. Paul Woods, Senior Partner at Wolferstans comments: “As an existing Axxia user, LexisNexis have satisfied us on their commitment to applying their considerable resources to accelerate development of DNA along the roadmap originally set out by Axxia. That’s reassuring because we want to invest in a system that has enough capability built in to cater for the progressive changes we want to make, to support our ambition. We can also take advantage of other LexisNexis products being more readily accessible from fee earners’ desktops to help them manage their day-to-day interactions with clients more effectively.”

Almost two-thirds of the cost of the deal will be for services (training and development) as compared against hardware and software. The focus is on developing skills and knowledge within the practice to make sure that people develop solutions and use the tools that will become available to them and there is a commitment to introduce continuous improvements in the future. 

8 replies on “Wolferstans stay with Axxia and upgrade to DNA”

er no, it means its extending use further than the upgrade – there must be a reason for that then

In fairness if you haven't got any new business to talk about you might as well make a noise about keeping a client.
It hasn't been a good few months for Axxia with DLA and Irwin Mitchell amongst others moving away from them.

We too have moved away from Axxia – we signed up to Eclipse Proclaim 6 months ago and are just going live right now. The difference in care and support is astonishing – no more “Account Managers” trying to sell us non-working plugins. No more charging us a days work for someone to arrive with a floppy disk – and even floppier hair – and doing a completely standard Windows software install, then admitting they have never used the software, then phoning Twyford for help when it didn't work.

Sorry to disappoint, but this press release didn't come from LexisNexis or Axxia, but from Wolferstans. We can see how this system can support us in achieving what we want, provided we have the vision and put in the effort that most firms don't; also that LexisNexis can add resource to continuing development, which makes the larger suppliers increasingly attractive. No guarantees and there's always room for improvement from most suppliers to this market (don't you think?), but we feel we stand the best chance of getting better value for money from Axxia than other suppliers at this stage and we'll be working as closely as we can with them to get the results we want from here.
As a customer in the legal sector, it would be good to see a bit more constructive comment in response to the postings on this site! I would have thought this is an opportunity for suppliers to make a positive impression? I can only guess that all the anonymous sniping comes from aggrieved competitors?”

Nice of Wolferstans to give a counterbalance to knee jerk comments but the LexisNexis move deeper into the CMS/PMS market following their acquisition of Visualfiles raises some big questions. What is the LexisNexis strategy?
They now have 2, formerly competing, big hitter products. They may argue that Visualfiles and AXXIA were aimed at different markets but what do they want to achieve with 2 products that they couldn't achieve with one? Are they just after market share/customers? Perhaps they think they can more closely integrate their content (and thus avoid the horrendous LexisNexis search page) and provide a more attractive “packaged” service. I suspect this is their ultimate aim which means they really want to control the lawyer's desktop. It won't work. It's not Web2.0 and it's short sighted. Open operability is where it's at and the sooner these big content providers (LexisNexis, Westlaw, Lawtel, et al) realise that, the better.

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