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Workshare extends coverage to PDAs and USB sticks

Workshare as launched Protect Mobile, part of the Workshare Protect Enterprise Suite, to provide protection against malicious and inadvertent information leaks due to lost, stolen and offline laptops, removable storage devices such as USB key drives, writable CD drives and iPods, messages originating on mobile devices such as PDAs, as well as messages from corporate email systems originating on web kiosks using products such as Outlook Web Access.

Workshare say 'endpoint' mobility data loss is now a fast growing concern as, for example: a 60GB iPod can hold over 660 90MB files while a 1GB USB stick can store over 536,000 client records.
Workshare Protect Mobile adds USB protection, third party encryption and enhanced offline policy enforcement to the Protect Enterprise Suite. Workshare Protect Mobile remediates beyond alerting and blocking, with actions for curing content via hidden data removal, visible data redaction, file conversion, encryption and rights management. Together with audit tracking of actions on risky data in use, it delivers online and offline information protection for regulatory compliance and internal procedures to provide protection from:
• Laptop data loss
– A “data at rest” scheduling and discovery tool that alerts users to risk and provides administrator reports required for lost or stolen laptop incidents;
– An encryption-ready client, automating lockdown of risky files, folders or full disks, even when unconnected, through a variety of encryption technologies;

• Removable storage data loss
– Identity-based policy enforcement on copy, print, save, cut and paste file actions. Covered ports include: USB, CD/DVD, iPod and U3 drives;
– An application-aware client, seeing one social security number in a document and a row of them in a spreadsheet, with different policy-based remediation actions.
• PDA data loss
– A network-based risk assessment of PDA messages that can “Alert, Block and Cure” content between the PDA service provider and the enterprise email network;
– Attachments analysis on the network not viewable on PDAs that finds important hacker blueprints or inadvertent hidden data risk before it happens.
 “There is overwhelming evidence that mobile data loss is a mounting issue for organisations,” said Ken Rutsky, executive VP of marketing at Workshare. “It's easy to block, but it's hard to cure mobile data loss. Desktop agents, which simply block ports or audit activity, and network only solutions, which can't see unconnected devices or stop any data loss at the endpoint, don't solve the customer's problem. Understanding the customer requirements, Workshare, together with our partners such as Microsoft, Secure Computing and PGP, delivers the full ABC's (Alerting, Blocking, Curing) for all connected and unconnected devices without adversely impacting business productivity.”
Workshare Protect Mobile is an add-in module to Workshare Protect Enterprise Suite and integrates across the Policy Manager, Protect Client, and Network Protect. Protect Mobile add-in is priced at $10/user/year before volume discount and is available immediately.