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Workshare say 'We're Number #1 and we have an independent survey to prove it"

According to the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 2011 Technology SurveyWorkshare, Workshare is the overwhelming top choice for its software solutions at law firms with more than fifty attorneys.
The annual survey represented input from over 100,000 attorneys and more than a quarter million users. According to the report, for firms with 50 to 149 attorneys, Workshare’s solution is the number one choice for 53% of respondents, for firms with 150-349 attorneys Workshare is selected by 70%, and for firms with 350-699 attorneys, the software is used by 75%.  For firms with more than 700 attorneys, 85% reported selecting Workshare as their solution.
In a related development, the latest TechnoLawyer list of the top 15 Products of the Year places Workshare PDF Professional and Workshare Point in the second and fifth places on the list, respectively – the only company to have two products in the top five.  In the summary of Workshare PDF Professional, author Neil Squillante called Workshare the “Adobe Systems of the legal industry.  Speaking of which, Workshare PDF Professional takes aim at Adobe’s Acrobat with a low price of $79.” For Workshare Point, number 5 on the Top 15 list, Squillante writes that until they covered the new solution “which transforms SharePoint into a legal-specific document management system.”

If you look elsewhere in the ILTA survey, you'll see that the corresponding market shares for arch rivals Litéra and DocsCorp are:
Litéra                  50-149 6%,   140-349 14%, 350 – 699 8%   700+ 8%
Docscorp             50-149 13%, 140-349 13%, 350 – 699 14% 700+ 3%

Neither DocsCorp or Litéra appeared in the Technolawyer new products piece.

Comment: let the squabbling over statistics begin…

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the problem with statistics is that statistically the average man has 1.9999 legs (there are people with one leg but none with three) – ever met one?

It's important to distinguish that Workshare dominates for comparison; however, PayneGroup is still number 1 for metadata removal per this survey.

Workshare are similar to Adobe in the way they screw you over with their pricing and then provide non existent customer support. Oh, and they also like to force you into their upgrade cycle and penalise you when you don't. Never again will I work with this company.

I'd like to clarify why no DocsCorp or Litera products appeared in our TL NewsWire Top 15 Products of 2011 list.
In TL NewsWire, we report on new products of interest to lawyers and law office administrators — more than 200 products every year. Not every new product but more than any other legal publication to my knowledge. We don't publish press releases or rehashed press releases or edited press releases. We write every TL NewsWire article from scratch. We find press releases too superficial and suspect our subscribers would feel the same.
We reported on just one DocsCorp product in 2011 — Content Crawler. It's a cool product but it has a more targeted audience than the products that garnered the most clicks. We didn't report on any Litera products last year. However, some good news on the Litera front. We will soon publish a review of Change-Pro 7 in BigLaw (another publication of ours).

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