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Workshare statistics – DocsCorp fire back

Here’s what DocsCorp has to say…

Charles, thanks for the Workshare piece on your blog. Without going into the “lies, damn lies and statistics” bit, we would like to make just a few comments.

A lot has changed from the good old days when Workshare had a near 100% monopoly in the legal market for document comparison. Certainly the arrival of DocsCorp and Litera has spiced things up in document comparison, which has seen Workshare’s market share start to erode. Competition is healthy and law firms globally have benefitted from it with new solutions, pricing, feature sets and customer service. I think we can chalk that one up to a win for the customer.

Interesting slant on the TechnoLawyer top 15 products piece, which according to the Workshare PR “is a testament to the legal community’s strong acceptance of Workshare products.” Wow, as the late Steve Jobs would say, that’s a bit of a stretch especially when you read how Neil determined the top 15 – the amount of clicks an article received from readers. You read correctly.

Here’s how Neil puts it… “For each product we cover, we track the number of clicks. Not for nefarious reasons mind you. We track clicks in the aggregate so that we can see which products you and your fellow subscribers find most and least interesting to help guide our future coverage. We also track clicks so that we can engage in one of publishing's most enduring cliches – the annual top 10 list.”

Wow again! So these people haven’t actually used the product, they are simply reading about it. Also, not sure I understood Neils’ comment “Workshare is the Adobe Systems of the legal industry.” I always thought Adobe Systems was the Adobe Systems of the legal industry. Yes, I think we know actually what Mark Twain would say about these statistics…