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Workshare & Tikit take swipe at DocsCorp

Following on from a story in this week's Legal Technology Insider that DocsCorp had scored a number of new orders from UK law firms for its pdfDocs Desktop and compareDocs software – including from Mills & Reeve – both Workshare and their channel partner Tikit have been in touch to say “Oi !”

Workshare emailed in to say… “March’s LTi claims a ‘raft of new law firm wins’ for Docscorp. No details are provided what products were sold but the implication is they include document comparison. We feel obliged to point out that some of the firms mentioned have actually renewed their Workshare licenses and even looking to purchase more. We hear that one of the so called Docscorp ‘wins’ in a larger account was for only 4, yes 4 seats. Four of the ‘wins’ have less than 100 lawyers in total. Since the previous public announcement of a Docscorp win (March’09) Workshare has won or renewed over 20,000 licenses in the UK alone. Now that really is worth shouting about.

And Tikit emailed in to say… I read that Docsorp have now sold their comparison software to Mills & Reeve – this isn’t the case. M&R have bought a grand total of 4 licenses of JUST the PDF software and in fact just renewed Workshare. I have to admire their spirit though!

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Oooo, handbags!
Of course, both of the two outraged organisations are models of probity and would never attempt to “big up” any successes they have.

Haha – have a fabby picture in my mind of Himmler and Goering moaning about Churchill's victory celebrations

Hitler got chucked out of office soon after those celebrations, times changed and he failed to adapt.

… indeed … although not sure that the other two committing suicide helps reinforce the Hitler story particularly well.

Don't you just hate it when Orange Rag readers start going off on obscure historical analogies & metaphors – it was so much simpler when you all interpreted developments in the light of Star Wars characters – CC

The Endor Times (aka the Furry Rag) carries a lead story about two Stormtroopers denying the stories put forward by an Ewok leader that they (the Ewoks) had signed an alliance with a nomadic family of settlers on Tatooine.
All the while the dark Emperor is delighted that this particulaly parochial incident takes up the column inches that may well have been dedicated to the productions problems on the current Death Star. The Emperor knows that delays to the Death Star means further defections to the Rebel Alliance.

At what stage does the little gnome thing get to hump the princess?

any knobs or dwarf nominations for the little gnome thing?

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