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Workshare updates metadata cleaning server & user alerts for mobile security

Workshare, a provider of document collaboration software, has announced a range of enhancements to its server-based metadata cleaning solution to protect confidential information from being inadvertently shared by mobile and webmail users. Workshare Protect Server 2.2 provides a new option to help organizations educate users who send emails with attachments that include hidden information.

Workshare Protect Server identifies emails that include documents with hidden content including comments, forgotten track change edits, and more. The latest version now includes an option to send a notification email back to the original email author and reduce the risk in the future.

Workshare Protect Server 2.2 also offers improved support for:

• PDF metadata cleaning to scrub document properties including title, subject, author, manager, company and more

• Whitelist feature supporting Autonomy iManage EMM filing emails functionality, ensuring that the Workshare Protect Server treats the EMM email addresses as internal

• Support for Exchange Server Journaling, reducing the number of journal reports delivered to the Journal mailbox on Exchange when the special Plugin is installed

“With mobile devices and web-based email, corporate security is often unintentionally bypassed, especially when it comes to sharing documents,” said Scott Smull, CEO of Workshare. “This update to Workshare Protect Server improves the user experience and continues to remove hidden document metadata from documents that are emailed, no matter if the user is sitting in the corporate headquarters or working from a mobile office.”