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Workshare's CEO quits – CFO takes over

Following last week’s surprise resignation of Alan Fraser as president & CEO of Workshare (our sources report he didn’t even tell the board why he was quitting) the company’s EMEA V-P Frank Boening told the Orange Rag that Fraser’s departure would have no impact on corporate strategy and users could be confidant the reforms in policy he’d set in motion would continue. Scott Smull, who was headhunted by Fraser to be Workshare’s chief financial officer & V-P of Operations, has been appointed interim CEO.

10 replies on “Workshare's CEO quits – CFO takes over”

There have been so many positive changes and all new people throughout Workshare will conitinue to drive the company to new heights! Product quality, dedicated Regional teams are all doing great work!

Alan Fraser did a good job of trying to restore credibility to the company. His long history of turning around companies speaks for itself. Something significant must have prompted his resignation. It would be interesting to know the cause. Since we do not – we can only wish him well.

Alan Fraser was highly experienced and very good at what he does. It's a shame to see him go, but if he can't turn Workshare around then who can. We switched to Litera because of the terrible support we received from Workshare and we are in a better position for it. In my opinion Workshare's brand has now been damaged beyond repair.

We gave up on WS long ago. They failed to service us but still wanted us to pay
for support. They repackaged the same old product but still wanted an upgrade
price. But their lack of product reliability and decent support takes a back
seat to their questionable ethics. We jumped ship to Litera after last year’s
WS debacles and haven’t looked back.

We are tired of Workshare promises for improvement…it is obvious that Litera is the leading company from all that we read.

Most illuminating comments.
Anybody know why the other Litera customer is staying so quiet?

it was a real surprise, we're trying to find out why, but he bought in a lot of new people and gave us confidence that he was putting process in place to make things better, their engineering director is also a turnaround guy and we've seen the product get a lot better, so we're going to watch and see if anybody else goes and if his promises are kept.

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