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Workshare's new Sharepoint DMS-like offering

For logistical reasons we weren't able to carry this story earlier however here is the full announcement of Workshare's announcement about the release of its new Workshare Point system, which is described as software that enables users to retrieve and file content to Microsoft SharePoint without leaving Microsoft Office applications. 

The Workshare Point solution provides a tight integration between the Office products and SharePoint, so users may access SharePoint quickly and easily from within the familiar Office and Outlook navigation interfaces. Workshare Point leverages the new content management and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to deliver an intuitive solution for managing documents and emails. With this solution, organizations can reduce end-user training and increase adoption of SharePoint by providing easier access to SharePoint repositories.

The Workshare software helps transform SharePoint into a central document management system with its easy email management and project content filing (our italics). This solution allows users to access, file and manage their documents and emails with the Office tools they are accustomed to while storing their documents on SharePoint. Also, Workshare Point’s customizable interface enables the solution to become industry or department specific.  For example, a legal team may choose to label their document library Matter Files for a legal-ready solution.

Key features of Workshare Point include:

• Easy content management and project content filing to SharePoint from Outlook
• Intuitive drag and drop functionality to file attachments or emails so important attachments don’t get buried
• Suggestive filing on inbound emails to make inbox management more efficient and important email retrieval faster and easier
• Simplified file access while remaining in Office to increase productivity
• Access to SharePoint functionality with the familiar file, save, check in/check out through Microsoft Office
• The ability to access FAST search functionality in Microsoft Outlook and the Workshare Point user interface

Comment: So is this another Sharepoint DMS and an alternative to tradional DMS products? Or, is it just a better filing system – and as such will appeal to a lot of mid-tier and smaller firms who currently don't run a full-blown DMS?

4 replies on “Workshare's new Sharepoint DMS-like offering”

Possibly a bit too simplistic for us right now, but then it is SharePoint and it is the fist version.
At last they stopped going on and on about Collaboration, so that's a relief.

When is Workshare going to focus on its core? We need them to fix deltaview before they go on any new adventures

ummm – they withdrew deltaview some years ago, so they ain't going to fix it 🙂
Their replacement product is hugely better, although they did make everybody buy it again. Many of us haven't forgiven them for that, but be assured the new stuff works.
We'll look at their sharepoint stuff when they can reassure us about the security model (see other thread).
As for focusing on their core – presumably the poster objected to microsoft moving away from their core (operating systems) into word processing and emails? Expand or die, that is how business works.

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