UK law firm Wragge & Co reports a significant internal adoption of the IntApp Inc Time Builder application, garnering overwhelmingly positive responses from firm lawyers.

“Time Builder facilitates our lawyers’ ability to accurately and quickly record their time,” said Paul Phayer, Finance Director, Wragge & Co. “The product has been a great success at our firm, with many lawyers reporting that it increases their efficiency and helps them reconstruct activity from prior days to fill any gaps. Most importantly, an overwhelming majority have said they would recommend Time Builder to a colleague.”

“We consulted with many peer firms when evaluating time capture software options and discovered a rich network of references who consistently and enthusiastically endorsed Time Builder,” said John Boam, Finance Systems Manager, Wragge & Co. “IntApp’s extensive customer service and support resources also added significant value by maximising the success of product implementation, training and lawyer adoption.”

IntApp Time Builder is a software product that enables law firms to increase revenue by capturing billable time that is missed or under billed. Time Builder provides lawyers with flexible access to their activity reports via a web-based interface, on mobile devices including Apple iPads and iPhones, directly through Microsoft Outlook, via email, or as a paper printout. The web and Outlook interfaces allow lawyers to group, detail and submit activities directly to financial and time entry software tools including Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, Aderant, DTE Axiom, Tikit Carpe Diem and Rippe & Kingston.