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Wright Hassall set to drop Elite in favour of Pilgrim LawSoft

Warwickshire based Wright Hassall is set to implement Pilgrim’s LawSoft practice management solution, which will be integrated with the firm's Autonomy iManage document management system.
James Hillard, Partner & COO at Wright Hassall observes that “While we have known for some considerable time now that Pilgrim was our preferred supplier, we had a number of other projects to complete that were necessary in order to create the first class technology environment we were striving for and in which LawSoft is a crucial element. In reaching that conclusion we undertook considerable due diligence on both sides – well beyond the usual tyre kicking – and are very confident that LawSoft is the correct solution for us”.
Colin Kennedy, Pilgrim COO states “Over the course of the last couple of years we have worked closely with James and Matthew Cleverdon (Wright Hassall IT Director). We have witnessed first-hand their attention to detail and careful planning that has resulted in an excellent IT infrastructure within this ambitious practice. As such Wright Hassall are a very welcome addition to the growing list of Elite conversions we have undertaken and which are clearly demonstrating our credentials as a top flight practice management solution providing a genuine UK based alternative for leading firms”.

Comment: Ooh… a firm swapping out Elite in favour of Pilgrim!

One reply on “Wright Hassall set to drop Elite in favour of Pilgrim LawSoft”

A sign of things to come with the smaller Elite Enterprise customers perhaps? Do they really need 3E and does Elite really see firms like this as their future target market? I suspect no in both cases – in fact one could say it would be a right hazzle for both parties. (I am very proud of my play on words by the way!). Pilgrim would seem one of the obvious contenders to pick up clients such a this. AY

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