We are holding three webinar sessions on Monday 19th May, 2014, at the following times:

•    Session One – 12pm EDT
•    Session Two – 12pm BST
•    Session Three – 5pm AEST

Duration: 1 hour total (30-minute demonstration + 30-minutes available for questions)

Description: XRef has been created by lawyers from top UK and US firms. XRef automates important elements of proofreading that are currently being carried out manually by lawyers. Proofreading is extremely time-consuming and carries significant risk if errors are overlooked (which they often are).

XRef has been highly acclaimed by practicing lawyers and is currently being implemented in numerous law firms and corporate legal departments worldwide. Some of the benefits that our clients have appreciated are:

•    Risk management – law suits against lawyers for mistakes are on the rise;
•    Reputation preservation – simple mistakes/errors damage reputation;
•    Efficiency gains – saves lawyers time that is often not chargeable; and
•    Morale of workforce – lawyers dislike proofreading and greatly appreciate this type of tool.

The registration details are here  http://xrefonline.com/webinar-registration.cfm