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You love us – what can we say…

A modest bit of gloating here as we've just had these survey results come in from a technology vendor…

Iridium Technology – a consultancy that focuses on business intelligence for law firms – has just announced the results of their customer satisfaction survey. As part of the survey, Iridium included questions about legal media outlets and their client’s interest in social media.  The majority of respondents to the survey were CFOs and Financial Reporting Managers.  Key findings:

·         The Orange Rag/ Legal Technology Insider,  Legal IT Professionals, and TheKnowList were cited as the most important sources of legal IT news and information

·         Iridium provides regular updates to their client base through monthly update emails and more than 90% of the clients rated this content as “Valuable” or “Highly Valuable”.  However, when asked if they were interested in following Iridium on Facebook, 83% of the respondents replied “No Interest”.   Additionally, when asked if they were interested in following Iridium on Twitter, 92% of the respondents replied “No Interest”

“Firstly, kudos to Rob Ameerun, Charles Christian and Daniel Brown,” states Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology.  “The results clearly showed that these three fine publications are where Iridium clients go for legal news and information.  Secondly, it is good to know that our clients are not interested in following Iridium on Twitter or Facebook.  This will save Iridium time from posting updates which we already provide through our newsletters, allowing us to continue to focus on providing high quality BI implementations for our expanding client base.  Tweet that!”

Iridium’s customer satisfaction survey was independently run by Adept Alliance LLC, a Reno-based business services firm.