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You'd better watch out, Sharepoint 2010 is coming to town

Buried among the hugger-mugger of the New York LegalTech show, was a special briefing organised by ILTA on the topic of SharePoint. Delegates attending this session came away very excited at the prospect that the next version of SharePoint – 2010, scheduled for June/Q2 availability – could be the DMS-killer everyone has been waiting for. In otherwords a version offering almost out-of-the-box document management functionality.

If you want to see a beta version of SharePoint 2010 in action, check out this link to the US Olympic Committee's press/media site for coverage of the Winter Olympic Games.

One reply on “You'd better watch out, Sharepoint 2010 is coming to town”

And miraculously LexisNexis has already developed its content enabled workflow integration for MICROSOFT Sharepoint along with the full office suite, talk about being ahead of the game

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