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Zylpha say they have an answer to the MoJ RTA portal debacle

Legal software specialist Zylpha say they have a solution “that eases the pain of the latest Government IT shambles” now read on, as these are their words and not our's…

“It is fair to say the UK government does not have a pain free record of implementing successful IT projects and one of the latest ones, the Road Traffic Accident (RTA) insurance claims portal is no exception. The idea behind the portal is that it will significantly speed up the processing and payment of low cost claims by digitising and streamlining communications between claimant lawyers, insurers and compensators leading to all claims being resolved with the new time limit of 15 days, instead of the previous 60-to-90 days.

“However, the implementation of the portal was so rushed that the data interface specifications were still in a state of flux when it went live on the 30th of April and this led to the suspension of  new registrations for several day as soon as it went live to sort out the mess. Even when operational again, users discovered that the manual data entry through the data collection screen was a very laborious and error prone problem, taking an average of  30 minutes per claim and processing errors in the portal have been discovered by around 50 organisations. Such was the degree of unhappiness of the user community that they formed their own protest group on the leading business networking Linkedin. A typical comment from a disgruntled user commented that the development of the portal was ‘like the blind leading the blind’ and 'The portal people have been fobbing us off forever, saying it’s all in hand’.”

Zylpha, who specialise in providing integration, connectivity and security solutions for case management systems, had the foresight to predict the need to develop a direct web based integration solution that extracts and updates the required information from an underlying case management system such as SolCase or Visualfiles and is flexible and responsive enough to maintain alignment with the shifting interface  specifications throughout the early 'switch on' period. Currently Zylpha has nine organisations using its Rapid RTA solution, with users having processed many hundreds of claims through the portal

Paul Hinchliffe, practice manager & co-founder of Bott & Co comments: “Bott & Co settle over 7000 accident claims every year, recovering in excess of £40 million in personal injury compensation for their clients with a 99% success rate, so we need a robust reliable solution for working with the Portal. Having evaluated other solutions we found that Zylpha's Rapid RTA was a much more comprehensive and ready to use product, with all the integration, scripts and screens included and ready to use.

“Zylpha’s solution was up and running within a couple of days and because it is integrated so well with our SolCase case management system out of the box, there was minimal training required to start using it. We are now seeing a significant improvement in speed, efficiency and security of processing these claims as a direct result. We estimate that using the portal is saving us around 30 minutes per claim just at Stage 1 and we are being paid the Stage 1 costs much more rapidly. This has given us a quick return on our investment.”