Burness Paull selects iManage Cloud

Another story we broke in the January Orange Rag and here with its very own URL so you can share it more easily: Burness Paull has selected iManage Cloud for its 500 users, with the leading Scottish independent firm also adding iManage Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager to protect its data.
Burness Paull saw the migration of its existing onpremises iManage Work implementation to iManage Cloud as a way to continue its long-standing relationship with iManage while increasing the firm’s scalability and agility. “Moving the responsibility for managing infrastructure and software updates to iManage, rather than managing it in-house, made a lot of sense,” said Billy Kirkwood, IT Director at Burness Paull.
“With iManage Cloud, our professionals get reliable access to the document and email management tools they’ve long depended on, while IT can focus on new ways to create and deliver value to the business.”
By adding iManage Security Policy Manager, Burness Paull gains a scalable way to manage ethical walls, segment data and implement a “need-to-know” security model. And iManage Threat Manager creates a unique electronic thumbprint from historical data for each user to detect internal and external threat actors with the highest level of accuracy.
“Like most high-profile firms, we have clients with very demanding security requirements,” added Kirkwood. “The implementation of sophisticated tools like iManage Security Policy and iManage Threat Manager enables us to meet – and in many cases, exceed – client requirements around protecting their privileged information.” iManage partner Phoenix Business Solutions is helping Burness Paull with its migration of iManage Work to iManage Cloud and its deployment of iManage Threat Manager and iManage Security Policy Manager.
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