DocsCorp reports a 69% increase in the sale of information leak prevention software

Here’s an interesting trends and wins update from DocsCorp: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been enforceable for the past six months, and businesses are increasingly turning to technology to help ensure compliance and to eliminate the leading cause of data breaches worldwide – human error. Between January and October 2018 DocsCorp saw a 69% increase in the sales of its information leak prevention software cleanDocs, with new wins including Wright Hassall.
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reported missent email as the number one cause of data breaches in 2017. Email is by far the most used tool for business communications, and simple mistakes like sending an email to the wrong person or attaching the wrong file could cost millions under GDPR. As a result of these findings, firms like CFG Law, Nysingh, and Wright Hassall have looked to implement information leak prevention software.
Martyn Wells, IT Director at Wright Hassall, saw a need for email recipient checking technology due to the number of reported data breaches caused by human error. “cleanDocs gave us a way of managing email compliance within a familiar user interface. It involved no new applications to lash into our desktop environments, no extensive retraining requirements for busy fee-earners, and another tick on our GDPR checklist.”
Samantha Jefferies, Vice President of DocsCorp EMEA, said Wright Hassall is just one of many firms looking to cleanDocs to strengthen their data breach prevention strategy. “Twenty years ago, people would get in their car and drive without a seatbelt, but today, you wouldn’t even think twice about buckling up. Putting in place email recipient checking, and metadata cleaning solutions should be the same, given the potential for damage. cleanDocs gives firms the confidence that staff are sending emails with the right information to the right person every time.”