ContractPodAI launches new AI assistant ‘Leah’

US contract lifecycle management vendor ContractPodAi today (20 March) announced the launch of Leah, its new legal assistant based on technology including OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT.

New functionality includes:

  • Leah One Drop: Users can create contract records with a drag-and-drop or single upload step. Leah is said to detect and analyse the contract file, creating records without manual intervention.
  • Leah Insights: Provides vendor and customer visual insights using predictive analytics to accelerate negotiations based on historic data with customers and suppliers into previously negotiated contracts dashboard.
  • Leah Assist: Guides customers to review, redline and negotiate contracts based on historic data analytics, precedents, and playbooks.
  • Ask Leah: Helps users search through contracts for insights with real-time queries in relation to the contracts, with smart prompts and guidance. Instead of reading the entire contract, users can just “Ask Leah.”

“We’re bringing Leah to market as a way to ‘demystify’ AI for legal teams, making them aware of how this technology works with, and for, them,” said Atena Reyhani, chief product officer at ContractPodAi. “Leah provides a very user-friendly experience when interacting with our AI, leading to increased accessibility. This improves legal teams’ day-to-day tasks, while enabling them to realize, and unlock the true value of this technology.”

ContractPodAI has not said how legal teams should ward against the potential inaccuracies that ChatGPT queries can return.

Other CLM vendors to introduce chatbot capability include Agiloft, where customers can have an interactive conversation with their contracts via natural language questions, powered by the Cognizer Inc Genius platform.