Podcast: Corporate cyber fiascos – Why you always need defensibility when it comes to relying on technology

What is the one thing that you always see fall down in every corporate cyber fiasco? That is a topic addressed head on in this fascinating podcast with Rois Ni Thuama, PhD, head of cyber governance at Red Sift. Rois is a world-renowned expert on corporate governance, cyber governance, and risk management, who has given talks on the legal implications of AI to organisations ranging from the US government to the Irish Defence Forces.

Rois discusses the need for organisations not to rely on representations from technology vendors that they do not fully understand – possibly to their detriment. AI is not autonomous. And there is a point at which entrepreneurial zinger moves into the realms of material misrepresentation.

This podcast is essential listening for everyone involved in the acquisition and management of technology in the legal sector.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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