Agiloft and Mitratech announce CLM-ELM integration

Contract lifecycle management vendor Agiloft this week announced a new partnership with global legal, compliance, and HR software provider Mitratech. The partnership aims to simplify the increasingly complex tech stack that legal departments face, through delivery of a seamless connection between Mitratech’s TeamConnect and Agiloft’s CLM.  

Integration of the two applications is intended to provide legal operations and in-house legal users with greater efficiency, visibility, and control by automating workflows and improving data exchange across contracts and legal matters.  

“We could not be more excited to partner with Mitratech and continue our mission of building the most integrated enterprise CLM on the market,” said Eric Laughlin, Agiloft’s CEO. “The most powerful CLM systems connect with cross-functional business systems that drive strategic processes and let data flow seamlessly across an organization. It is only by establishing these interconnected systems that stakeholders can tap into the insights they need to run more productive teams, respond to change with agility, and outmaneuver the competition. Contract data drives business relationships, so integrating Agiloft’s CLM platform with the best-in-breed ELM capabilities of Mitratech means legal teams have access to the data they need to make more informed decisions about strategic business matters.” 

The new integration removes the inefficiencies of operating multiple, disconnected applications, where data must be entered, exported, and re-entered multiple times across systems, which makes it difficult to capture a holistic view of overall legal performance, including internal and external legal spend, open contracts, open matters, and risk levels. 

“While the value in creating synergy between ELM and contracts has long been recognized by corporate legal, the process has rarely been streamlined,” said Mike Williams, Mitratech CEO. “Through this partnership and integration with Agiloft, we’re tackling a lot of key challenges facing the market, which begins with empowering our joint customers to easily connect critical data sets and make high-value decisions faster and with greater accuracy. It’s a win-win for everyone and aligns well with our shared commitment to keep innovation and customer satisfaction at the forefront of every strategic partnership and investment.”