US startup Dashboard Legal launches resource management tool for associates and partners

Legal tech startup Dashboard Legal has launched a resource management tool for lawyers and partners, in a pivot that co-founder and CEO Mat Rotenberg says builds on the task management checklists that the New York-headquartered company has been building over the past year.  

The new tool, which gives partners the ability to see who is working on what matter and allocate resources appropriately, starts as an associate matter checklist to keep track of deliverables. As associates update the checklist, that information feeds into the resource management tool, which helps associates and partners to monitor matters by status or responsibility, in real time. 

Users can have multiple checklists that they can create from scratch or pull from a template. Dashboard Legal integrates with Outlook as well as document management providers such as iManage and NetDocuments and has an internal chat function. 

The new partner view feature allows partners to filter by lawyer/professional as well as by matter, to get a snapshot of the latest activity and whether the matter is receiving the resources required to stay on track. 

Rotenberg told Legal IT Insider: “The best part is that the data is derived from associate checklist usage (the associate product market-fit we took a year to figure out), so it’s no extra step to enter information. 

“We heard over and over this year that partners wanted ‘snapshot’ views of their matters and lawyers, and this directly addresses that need.” 

Dashboard Legal started out life as a legal collaboration and project management platform that was intended to offer a viable alternative to email and generalist collaboration tools such as Slack, Teams and Asana.  

While shifting lawyers away from email was, as others have found before, a leap too far, Rotenberg says: “Associates use and love the checklist tool, we have found a real product market fit in associates and now we have updated a key workflow. It’s a small change with obvious benefits and we are seeing real partner uptake.” 

Here’s Dashboard Legal’s promo video that includes the new feature: DBL Intro