TalkingTech Podcast: Delivering exceptional cybersecurity in the face of real-world challenges

Firms have multiple obligations when it comes to providing adequate, and particularly exceptional, security operations. But there is a myriad of logistical or practical issues that stand in the way. In this podcast with Arctic Wolf’s UK & Ireland sales director Graham Holt, we discuss:

  • Finding and retaining staff: how do you find the right people and, once you have invested in them, how do you ensure they don’t leave?
  • Cyber insurance: What do firms need to demonstrate in order to get cover?
  • Compliance: How are law firms becoming driven by the needs and demands of customers around security?
  • Computer says yes: How do you overcome the time-consuming issues of false positives when it comes to your threat detection solutions?
  • How is Arctic Wolf solving some of these issues (with reference to the work it has done with a specific UK client)?

You can listen to the podcast here:

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