Former LCA innovation head launches ‘human centric’ legal design and innovation consultancy

The former head of innovation at Milan law firm LCA Studio Legale, Marco Imperiale, has launched a consultancy focused on legal design, innovation and legal wellbeing. Imperiale announced today (5 September) the launch of Better Ipsum, which he says will take a human centric legal approach.

Imperiale’s resume includes the first Italian book on legal design (co-authored with de Muro), a Legal Design course for the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and multiple conferences and keynote addresses on topics such as innovation, mindfulness, and legal design, including the Legal Design Summit in Helsinki, where he will give the opening keynote on September 14th.

Imperiale says that Better Ipsum will see a team of lawyers, designers, and psychologists work with institutions, companies, and law firms to facilitate digital transformation journeys and make contracts, documents, and policies more user-friendly.

“The idea is to meet the needs of various types of players, both law firms and companies and institutions,” says Imperiale. “Whether it’s about revising contracts, policies, and documents, supporting companies in achieving the ISO 24495 certification on plain language, or helping various entities in their journeys towards sustainability and digital transformation, our professionals have the skills to make our clients more competitive and attentive to the needs of their resources and users. We have years of experience working with leading European players, and we look forward to working with companies, law firms, and institutions interested in becoming more sustainable and riding the wave of exponential innovation.”

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