Intapp launches new gen AI capabilities plus Walls for Copilot AND is set to acquire delphai 

Go big or go home might sum up Intapp’s raft of announcements today (22 February), as it unveils new generative AI capabilities, plus Walls for Copilot, and reveals that it has agreed to acquire Berlin-based AI software company delphai.

The new functionality – the first gen AI announcements from Intapp – includes the general availability of Intapp Assist for DealCloud, its client relationship management system. Speaking to Legal IT Insider, VP, legal industry principal for DealCloud, Lavinia Calvert said: “Intapp Assist will be available for all of our solutions, but initially it will be for DealCloud. Intapp Assist is like a package of AI capabilities that cover all of the different types of AI that we’re bringing into our solutions, whether it be a recommendation or generation of a summary.” Intapp has identified that business development is an area where generative AI technology can have a significant impact, helping lawyers to identify opportunities, cross sell across the firm, and generate emails that overcome some of the natural awkwardness that some lawyers feel when messaging clients to create new business opportunities. 

Calvert said: “The AI supercharges the benefits of a system like DealCloud, which has all that rich proprietary data in it as well as third party data, and it will speed up some of the workflows and processes in that environment.” 

The new functionality will of course be additive to DealCloud’s existing licensing. Calvert said: “We are supercharging the relationship intelligence capabilities, so for example, instead of just knowing that I’ve got a strong relationship with Sarah over at XYZ Company, I can now use this signals capability within Intapp Assist to let me know when Sarah moves roles or gets promoted or changes companies. I then click on a button and it generates the first draught of an e-mail for me to reach out to her and follow up and congratulate her. So it’s embedded in the workflows of how our users are using DealCloud already, as a ‘make this easy button’ to help people with what to say. Many partners and professionals are not naturals when it comes to business development so anything we can do to help speed up that process and make it easier can be a force multiplier.” 

Intapp is also announcing a partnership with DCMi, which has created a research-based ‘activator development system’ that helps lawyers to emulate top rainmaker behaviours around business development. The system uses AI signals and alerts to help professionals manage their book of business and engage clients.  

Of great interest to law firms looking at Microsoft Copilot will be Intapp Walls for Copilot, which gives firms visibility and control over the data that Copilot is authorised to access and surface. Calvert said: “A lot of our heritage as a company is around conflicts and and doing things in a compliant way. The great thing about Copilot is that it can go in and source all kinds of information from the firm’s proprietary data. But one of the issues that we’ve identified is the problem of oversharing of information, so if a firm does not have all of the right permissions set up within all the different places, your Copilot could get access to data that possibly shouldn’t be shared, and that becomes a risk.”  

She adds: “We are actively combining Copilot with Walls to ensure that the firm’s security policies are tight and that Copilot won’t search the information that it shouldn’t be searching and possibly expose it in a way that it shouldn’t be exposed, which is a super exciting development for us.” 

Intapp also today announces the launch of Intapp Data, a data set of more than 85 million companies and 200 million contacts. Calvert said: “Think of it as being starter information that’s needed to power many of these applied AI capabilities. It’s kind of the nucleus that we can use to enrich the data with. It’s third party data but also it helps with that whole North Star that we’ve set for ourselves, which is so many firms want to pre-populate as best they can contacts in their platforms, and many of them go out and source this data independently and then they have to find a way to manage it. We are pre-populating DealCloud with Intapp Data as a starting point and then we can apply on top of that some of the capabilities that we have around things like data quality, automation, signature scraping, updates; all those other tools that are already embedded in the platform to enable easier updating of and maintenance of critical information about contacts and relationships. It gives our clients a head start.” 

The data will be included in Intapp’s Dealcloud packages out of the box.  

Last but not least, is Intapp’s acquisition of delphai, which ingests millions of websites, press releases, job postings and other sources of information to create a single source of business truth. Calvert said: “delphai provide provenance so you know where each entity in a field is sourced from, so that’s critical in this era of AI generated content. But perhaps more importantly, the delphai acquisition comes with a fabulous team of experts, pioneering data researchers and data engineers.” Intapp is bringing on board all of the delphai team, including founder and CEO, Robin Tech.   

The announcements will be made at Intapp’s Launch Day today (22 February), which will include talks from Intapp leaders and guest panelists such as Baker Botts’ chief client officer, Catherine Zinn. You can register for the livestream here. 

Intapp is not yet making any announcements around how it will be leveraging generative AI across it’s SharePoint-based document management system.