Wonder.Legal takes online legal document service to the US

French-founded online legal document generator Wonder.Legal has launched in the US, targeting both businesses and individuals with the promise of instant letter, contract and agreement creation and taking on established players Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom on price.
Founded in 2014 by CEO Jeremie Eskenzi, Wonder.Legal is available in eight countries including Spain, Germany, Mexico and Brazil. In the US, Wonder.Legal’s sales pitch is that it is cheaper than Rocket Lawyer and Legal Zoom, and will charge per document as opposed to a monthly retainer.
Eskenzi, who is also the founder and CEO of French user experience consulting firm Miratech and a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), says: “Our templates are created by lawyers. Our team of writers is continually growing as the site becomes more and more successful and as we continue to expand into ever more legal jurisdictions around the world.”
In 2016, Wonder.Legal grew by an average 14% month over month and the company says it expects the same level of growth in the United States.