LexCheck launches contract services offering with DealDesk

Contract review and intelligence platform LexCheck has launched a services offering with LexCheck DealDesk services. The new offering combines the expertise of contract lawyers with LexCheck’s technology solution to provide end-to-end negotiation services at what LexCheck says will be a fraction of the cost.

LexCheck aims to help large organizations manage contract overflow during peak times and support smaller organizations with more cost-effective contract negotiations.

“The path ahead for every business involves a workforce amplified by the capabilities of AI, and through DealDesk, we’re harnessing this hybrid model to help businesses increase deal velocity,” said Gary Sangha, CEO and founder of LexCheck. “Today’s rigid staffing constraints pose a significant hurdle in managing contract surges—especially during peak seasons—even with AI-powered tech. To help our customers overcome these challenges, we’re launching LexCheck DealDesk—a solution designed to finalise deals in days, not weeks.”

LexCheck says that DealDesk will provide full-scale negotiation services for contracts including NDAs, SaaS agreements, and MSAs. To learn more see www.lexcheck.com.