Software giant Epicor selects Agiloft’s CLM platform

Global enterprise software provider Epicor has selected US-headquartered contract lifecycle management vendor Agiloft to help digitally transform its contract-driven processes globally.

We’re told that Agiloft’s platform will be closely integrated with Epicor’s existing core systems, including Salesforce and its proprietary business intelligence and enterprise resource planning solutions.

Epicor last year generated around $1.25bn in revenue and it competes in the same market, albeit at a smaller scale, with Workday and SAP ERP. It has over 4,100 employees across 34 countries, and 21,000 customers.

Eric Laughlin, CEO of Agiloft said: “Agiloft will empower Epicor’s teams to manage their contracts effectively, while seamlessly integrating data from those contracts into their broader business workflows. We provide the technology Epicor’s teams need to create contracts on-demand, tailored to their specific needs, ensuring everyone involved is informed and aligned, so they can drive business goals and accelerate execution.’

“Agiloft’s software is a perfect fit for our needs,” said Robin Bell, senior procurement manager at Epicor. “Agiloft offered the flexibility and robustness we needed, while also being extremely easy for non-technical practitioners to configure, maintain, and administer without any formal training.”

We don’t currently have any information on what the transformation journey will look like for Epicor and what the integration will look like but we will keep you posted.

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