Aderant launches AI cloud platform Stridyn

Aderant announces today (7 May) that it has launched Stridyn, an AI-driven cloud platform that brings together the Aderant product suite on one platform.

Aderant says that Stridyn will enhance user experiences and productivity by accelerating the interconnectivity between applications and streamlining workflows. It also bolsters business intelligence across the organization and expands the capabilities of Aderant’s AI virtual associate MADDI within the Aderant product suite. 



Chris Cartrett, CEO at Aderant, said: “We built Stridyn with the understanding that law firms want a frictionless cloud experience centered around reliability, security, and efficiency. 

“Stridyn will accelerate productivity for law firms and represent a standard for operational excellence across the business of law.” 

Aderant also unveiled new releases and enhancements to its cloud products on Stridyn. Law firms using these products will now have: 

  • A/R Automation with AI-powered matching of cash receipts to invoice. 
  • Client Terms Review Workflow with redlining and version history in Onyx. 
  • Matter Reconciliation and Email Billing Automation in BillBlast. 
  • A new modern UI and AI-driven Compliance in iTimekeep. 
  • Centralized analytics and AI support via askMADDI, for Expert Sierra in preview mode. 
  • A comprehensive system for managing lawyer skills, availability and staffing in viResourceAllocation. 

Doug Matthews, chief product officer at Aderant said: “With the launch of Stridyn, law firms now have access to simple to use, highly efficient cloud technology bolstered by powerful MADDI AI capabilities.

“This is our latest stride forward to drive innovation across the industry. In the coming months we expect to deliver many more significant advancements that enable law firms to be even more compliant while controlling cost and improving profitability.”