Breaking news: Reveal Acquires Onna

Private equity-backed Chicago-headquartered eDiscovery provider Reveal today (7 May) announced its acquisition of Onna Technologies which helps companies manage unstructured data from cloud-based collaboration tools. One of Onna’s rivals was Logikcull, which was acquired alongside IPRO by Reveal last year in transactions valued at over $1bn. The value of this latest acquisition has not been disclosed. 

With this acquisition Reveal says it is enhancing the “left side” of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and its end-to-end eDiscovery platform. The left side involves processes around the likes of information governance and preservation. 

“At Reveal, our mission has always been to provide the best solutions for our customers, enabling them to interact with data more efficiently and effectively,” said Wendell Jisa, founder & CEO of Reveal. “The acquisition of Onna integrates the most advanced data connection software and actionable tools into our ecosystem, enhancing our ability to funnel critical information seamlessly from collection to analysis. This not only makes the process more cost-efficient but also significantly decreases legal risk.”

The acquisition comes at a time when enterprises are grappling with the volume of unstructured data produced by modern communication and collaboration tools. Onna’s integration into Reveal’s eDiscovery platform will allow for the defensible collection of data across the digital workplace, empowering corporate legal teams to cull data efficiently, reduce the volume for faster review-to-insight, thereby lowering costs and legal risks for clients.

Aside from its acquisition of Logikcull and IPRO, Reveal, which is backed by software investment firm K1, has in recent years bought Brainspace, LIGL and Technically Creative.